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3 Basic Training Courses for Handling Cardiac Arrest Emergencies

First aid training and knowledge about general medical procedures comes handy in case of emergency situations. When alarming conditions occur, having basic awareness can prevent you from feeling helpless and vulnerable. According to American Heart Association, approximately 90 percent of the people experiencing an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest fail to survive. The main reason behind this is the lack of confidence and life-saving skills among by-standers. Read More..

3 Ways in Which Heartsaver First Aid Courses Can Make A Difference

Physical inactivity and unhealthy eating habits are slowly pushing people towards cardiovascular diseases. According to Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention (DHDSP), every year approximately 630,000 Americans die due to cardiovascular diseases. Maximum resources of the health care industry are devoted for the research and development of more advanced solutions for heart-related diseases. To overcome this global threat, it is important to spread awareness among people and enhance their first-aid skills. Read More..

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