About Us

Jay Abrams, the Lead Instructor has been teaching CPR and First Aid  since 1977.  He started in the Chicago, Illinois area until he moved to  the Dallas, Texas area in 1985 when he continued teaching primarily at  his workplace.  

SAVE A LIFE was created in 1998 and has been in business  since.  

SAVE A LIFE’s goal is to help educate people in the community on the  importance of knowing CPR and First Aid skills, and how this education  may help save a life of a friend, family member or co-worker.   

SAVE A LIFE is committed to making Safety and Lifesaving knowledge  easily accessible, painless, and affordable for individuals,  organizations, and especially corporate clients throughout the Dallas  Fort Worth area.  

We are an “Authorized Provider of American Heart Association ECC Courses” and a national AED Distributor.

Mission Statement

To reduce and prevent death and disability from sudden cardiac arrest  (SCA) by placing AEDs in all public areas, business and industry and  ultimately placing them in the homes.  These areas include: airports,  sports arenas/stadiums, theaters, malls and large industry and/or  high-rise office buildings.  It is our mission to provide the knowledge  and skills in support of CPR/AED education, medical direction,  implementation, and EMS notification and inspection assistance.